Modern Focus is a consulting and production company specializing in producing video and marketing campaigns.  The focus of these campaigns are to increase audience by promoting strong relationships with distributers, collaborators, and customers.  When a business is able to share stories of their mission in a series of videos, they display clear branding, build company culture, and organically market products/services.  

Modern Focus was created by Melyssa Jung and Sean Dejecacion.  Together, they have worked in the film and video marketing industry for over a decade.  After producing many different types of videos for businesses, they have seen the most growth and impact with video that take a storytelling approach to creative marketing.

“MELYSSA JUNG has keen instincts for business and strong passion for filmmaking.  After meeting through a video marketing company in San Diego, we realized right away that we work well together and have a similar passion for storytelling. Starting a business was a scary, but obvious decision and I am excited to see how far Modern Focus will grow. 

Last year we went on a trip to Japan and South Korea. It was an amazing experience and the food wasn’t bad either. I plan on seeing the entire world with Melyssa.”-Sean

"SEAN DEJECACION is my partner in everything.  I first met him when I got hired at the company he worked for.  I actually started out as his intern (scandalous!)  Since then he has taught me so much about the tech side of video, a necessary part of being able to capture the heart and character of the companies we film.  His passion for telling stories came at a young age, and it continues to show every time he finds the perfect angle to point the camera.

 Together, we've been able to share a love for films, sushi, and our cat, River.  I'm so fortunate to also call Sean my best friend." - Melyssa


They film some of the best storytelling videos and documentaries that I’ve seen!
— Victoria Griggs, CEO Straightline Marketing, Expert in Facebook Marketing and Business Consulting
They work video marketing for the top video internet marketers in the world.
— Randy Trigg, Executive My Fruity Faces, Seen on Shark Tank
I can’t believe the amazing business documentary Modern Focus created for my business. I look and feel like a super-star. It’s so hard to put into words exactly what I do and Sean and Melyssa perfectly put it into a heartfelt story that I’m proud to share with the world. The video effects, editing techniques, lighting and story they expertly wove throughout my film is incredible. From start to finish they made me feel comfortable and I trusted them completely with the process. If you are looking for an experienced video team~ look no further than Modern Focus!
— Jessie Schwartzburg, Event Producer, Speaker, and Business Consultant