Robbe Richman - Documentary and Story

Robbe came to us looking for a way to tell the story of Xpill, a placebo pill will the power to transform people's lives.  Robbe wanted to quickly tell the story of how XPill came about with proof of transformation, while sharing his mission and future goals.  What better way to do that than with video! 

Background Story 'What Is XPill?"

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Robbe Richman - CEO and Founder, XPill

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He became most well-known for being a manager and culture strategist at where he co-founded Zappos Insights, an innovative program educating companies on the secrets behind its game-changing employee culture. Based on his experience working with hundreds of companies on their cultures, he wrote The Culture Blueprint: a systematic guide to building the high-performance workplace. He was a He took Zappos Insights from an idea to a multimillion dollar business line. Since then, Robbe has spoken to and consulted for Google, Toyota, Eli Lilly, Whole Foods, Intuit and many other companies.